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Bloggers, online magazines, Web marketers and email newsletter publishers can augment their original content by curating other content. Simply put, content curation is a way to fully attribute other content that allows you to report on, expand on or even criticize the idea presented in it.Artist: Itzik Gur

Some publishers use it to latch on to interest in trends or popular topics–and use the traffic to bolster readership for their other content. Oh, and to sell ads and make money, too.

Consider these two examples from The Huffington Post, which, by the way, got to be the largest, most popular blog in the world through content curation.

In the first example (see below), the publisher curates an interview with Morgan Freeman in Newsweek magazine that includes the¬†actor’s position on legalizing marijuana. Notice the block quotes from the original article and the links to the original Newsweek article.

This example actually incorporates several key traffic magnets, which you can see in the “Follow” section above the photo: actor Morgan Freeman, who appears in the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, the ever-popular Marijuana and even Gay Rights. Notice, too, the advertisement for the new single by hip hop’s new star, Big Thump.

Content Curation of an Article Example

The second example shows how you can curate a video. In this case, it is a local TV news story from the ABC affiliate in Springfield, Massachusetts about how people keep stealing life size David Hasselhoff cutouts advertising iced coffee from a regional convenience store chain’s locations. This story leverages one thing only–the perennial, yet inexplicable, amusement for anything to do with David Hasselhoff.

Content Curation of a Video Example

So how do you curate content? I’ve put together a template that will help you curate articles, like the Morgan Freeman Newsweek interview example above. It’s a fill-in-the-blanks form that comes with a sample curated article so you can see exactly where all the blank fields occur in the final curated article.

To download the article Content Curation Template for free, click the link below, complete and submit the form and I will send it to you.

Go here to get the free template: Content Curation Template download.

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